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Illustration: Mary Blair

These are two of my favourite books, I was immediately drawn to the colours
and the stylised images not to mention the classic stories. I bought the only
two books I could find at the time and so began my discovery of the wonderful
world of Mary Blair.

These two books are fantastic collections of the paintings Blair produced for
the original stories, in some of the images you can see how they were directly
translated in to the films. She also put together a huge amount of the concept
artwork that went in to Disney other popular film from the same period, ‘Alice
in Wonderland’.

From Cinderella:

From Peter Pan:

I love the early Walt Disney animated films, Mary Blair worked on a huge amount
of artwork for Disney, from concept art to wall murals and the design of the ‘It’s
a small world’ ride at Disneyland.

If you would like to learn more about Mary Blair there is a fantastic video here:
'The Art & Flair of Mary Blair' on Vimeo.