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Wheels & Dollbaby A/W 14






In Residence, In Del Rio has just launched and I am utterly enchanted.
There are some really stunning garments using the classic cuts and shapes
that I can only find in Wheels & Dollbaby designer clothing.
This is definitely one of their best collections, inspired by old hollywood
glamour. I have only shown a few of my favourite pieces here as I honestly
loved almost every piece in the collection. Most pieces are modelled by the
gorgeous red headed Tiah Eckhardt-Delaney too!
I have listed those featured below but I highly recommend you view the
rest of the Del Rio collection in store in Sydney or on the website.

Images 1 & 3: Jardin Noir Lace Picnic Dress
Image 2: Provence Waldorf Ballgown
Image 4: Le Chic Pencil Skirt & Posh Girl Sweater
Image 5: Black Ballet Skirt & Provence Classic Cardigan

Shop ‘In Residence, In Del Rio’ on the Wheels & Dollbaby website here.

Facebook: Wheels-and-Dollbaby

Photography from the Wheels & Dollbaby Website.

Poppies For Grace

This post is dedicated to a brilliant little company based in Australia, Poppies
For Grace. I have spent a lot of time in various parts of Australia over the last
few years and am always on the search for new and exciting things.

Shown here are:
Emma Morgan for Poppies For Grace Pigeon Wreath Card,
Mornings Like This Tag and Joy To The World Card.
I collect greetings cards, and over the years quite a few Poppies For Grace cards
have ended up in my collection.

A few years ago I purchased a writing set and a neat little envelope of
stickers to go with them, I write a lot of hand written letters to friends and
wanted something different to send them that stuck out in the post. I also came
across a boxed set of greeting cards, shown in the first photo with the white
envelope (this is my last card).

These designs are long considered vintage at Poppies for Grace, but they still
make the letter sets and have a very similar one ‘small rose garden writing set'
if anyone would like a similar set to my one. My writing set is called ‘in the
garden’ and the sticker set is called ‘Flutterby’. I bought these years ago and
they have remained tucked away in between my books, but now that I have
found them again I shall use them straight away.

I love the linear illustrations, the joined up handwriting and the sweet little
animals and birds that adorn their products.

Poppies for Grace have a great website where you can buy all manner of
beautiful things and a blog as well.
They have a couple of stockists over here in the UK, so I hope that we see more
of their work over here in the future.

The Australian Museum

I visited the Australian Museum recently and had a look at their wonderful
displays in the hall of bones, insect, bird and skeleton galleries.

Some of the oldest exhibits in the museum are the stuffed animals, I particularly
like reptiles and so these crocodiles and snakes were very interesting.
The insect gallery was fantastic there were so many examples of different
species of beetles, moths, butterflies and other minibeasts.

The Museum is a fantastic place to visit for information, inspiration and a great
place to draw.

In the Studio at Sparkk

Here are some quick snap shots of some new samples I have been making in the Sparkk Studio. I have also been digitally printing some larger lengths of the designs from the ‘Wild at Heart’ collection that Sparkk will be showcasing early next year and will be available by the metre as wallcoverings or textiles on a variety of basecloths. Shown here is the Mara and the Fritz basecloth.

Head on over to the Sparkk blog to see what we have been up to!