Alice D Newman

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Currently Reading: Nomad

I was given this wonderful signed copy of Sibella Court’s new book ‘Nomad’ at
the end of my internship in Sydney. This is Sibella Court’s second book that
documents her unique interior styling and creative direction, her first book ‘Etc’
came out a few years ago.

'Nomad' concentrates on Sibella's travels around the world and the book is split
up in to different countries. In each section there are wonderful ideas for how
to display your own souvenirs from travel or items that you collect.

The book is so beautifully put together and all of the photographs and the
styling is so inspirational. I was fortunate enough to visit her shop
'The Society Inc' in Paddington, Sydney, the store was exactly like a page from
Nomad. It was a beautiful little place packed with drawers and boxes filled with
treasures from her travels and even some of the items featured in the book.

I would highly recommend picking up any of Sibella Court’s book for creative